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“PT. EMS Indoappliances” is establish on June 29th, 2001 – has neverthless gained significant trust as holder of an outstanding status as a strategic business partner, namely as the exclusive distributors in the most healthy and profitable division within Electrolux Group of Sweden. The corporate launch took place at Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta on 27 September 2001 under the theme of “ EMS – a Partnership for standards”.

Electrolux is a well-known global corporation manufacturing appliances, the market leader in Europe and the second largest in USA , which produces a wide range of appliances for indoor household use as well as industrial appliances for outdoor use. Our company have awarded the right to run the Electrolux Product Division “Leisure Appliances Product (miniBars, miniSafes, Wine Cellar) and Medical Systems” (Cold Chain, Blood Chain, Blood Safety and Medical Refrigeration). In 2003 the head quarter has decided to launch a new brand name ‘Dometic’. This divisions in Indonesia faces a very promising demand especially for the Medical Systems and the miniBars.

The Board of Director has considered the expansion of the business unit to include the Industrial Cleaning sector and decided to market a strong brand called Minuteman which is s renowned Industrial Cleaning Equipment manufactured in the USA (Vacuum Cleaner) with largest product population in the country. The company is the only company in the world which runs a full line of Industrial Cleaning Equipment and in Indonesia the Minuteman brand has exited and has been known for many years in the industrial market as a high quality and durable cleaning equipment.

EMS is owned and is run by professionals with a very long experience working for Electrolux Indonesia and will consistently maintaining the same atmosphere with a greater challenge and higher growth. Keeping full dedication, trust and commitment as our priority, we are confident that EMS will become a globally healthy company.

PT EMS Indoappliances are the Exclusive Distributor B Medical System for the regions of Indonesia and Timor Leste, who are experienced in the field of medical devices, especially refrigeration and since 2001 have supported the program and collaborated with the Ministry of Health in the Immunization program. We have product variants of Cold Chain, Medical Refrigerator, Medical Freezer and Transport Box that will help you in the success of your health program, especially Covid-19 and Immunization. For this reason, with pleasure we will continue to support the Ministry of Health’s program to create a Healthy Indonesia and free of Covid-19.

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Hospitals, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies, Indonesian Red Cross, Ministries of Health Republic of Indonesia & Hotels

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