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TFW 800

Technology for Life

The TFW 800 freezer was designed exclusively for the freezing of ice packs.




The freezing capacity of this model is remarkable. 48 ice packs are frozen every 24 hours at 43°C ambient temperature. At the same time the storage capacity of another 84 ice packs is available. This means that with rational operation 336 ice packs can be provided per week, sufficient to furnish 14 RCW 25 Transport Boxes weekly!


Outside dimensions
H x W x D [mm]
1600 x 720 x 600
Shipping dimensions
H x W x D [mm]
1830 x 830 x 710
Shipping weight: [kg] 80
Vaccine storage capacity [L] -
Frozen Ice pack storage capacity 132 x 0,6 L
Compressor compartment Dometic compressor GL99AA.
fan to cool down the condenser.
steel tubes protected with special compound against rust formation.
Control panel situated at the top front of the unit;
1 Thermostat for temperature regulation
1 green light indicator for “Power on”
Reset button for temperature alarm with LED
Fast freezing button with LED
Cooling system Compression
Refrigerant R 134a
CFC and HCFC free.
Energy consumption 5,77 kWh / 24 h at 43 °C ambient temperature
Insulation 90 mm Polyurethane foam
foaming agent; Cyclopentane
Miscellaneous freezing capacity
48 ice packs of 0,6 L / 24h
at 43 °C ambient temperature
1 freezing section with double evaporator
1 storage section with single evaporator.
Accessories 1 user manual
Hold over during power cut  
WHO test procedure E3 / PROC / 2
WHO spcifications E3/ FR.2
Voltage [V] 230V 50Hz
110V 50/60Hz

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