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TCW 2000 AC

Technology for Life

Icelined vaccine refrigerator or freezer

The TCW 2000 AC is designated for urban health centers and district stores. It has a refrigerator and a freezer compartment. A row of 36 ice-packs filled with partly frozen water surrounds the refrigerated area acting as the cold source when the current is cut off 5 removable wire-baskets.

Outer and inner body made of rotomoulded polyethylene; a nearly indestructible plastic material which is corrosion free. Insulation: Polyurethane



The TCW 2000 AC is designed for urban health centres and district stores. The refrigerator part of the TCW 2000 AC has an ice bank inside the cabinet. The ice bank consists of frozen icepacks during its operation. During periods of power failure and load procedures, the ice bank acts as cold storage to protect the vaccines.

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