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Refrigerator & Icepack Freezer

Designed specifically for tropical conditions. The absorption refrigeration process, which is both silent and vibration free, works well not only with electricity, but also with kerosene. Polyurethane foam (CFC-free) which enables the RCW 50 to run efficiently with low energy consumption.
Control panel situated at the left side on top of the unit; 1 electro thermostat. Lockable lid with 2 catches. Silicon gasket ensures tight sealing 1 dial thermometer to control the temperature. Burner lighting instructions on the lid.



Dometic experts in Cold Chain have introduced a new product, designed specifically for tropical conditions.
The refrigerator and Icepack freezer model RCW50EK is developed for operating in health centers with unreliable supply of electricity. Here E stands for electricity, K for Kerosen.
The cabinet is made of roto-moulded polyethylene and insulated with polyurethane foam (CFC free), practically indestructible plastic material and perfectly resistant to corrosion.
The cooling unit, easily accessible for maintenance and without moving parts, is an absorption type and functions reliably and troublefree. It ensures that the vaccine storage temperature remains between 0°C and 10°C at an ambient temperature of 32°C.
Tests have proved similar performances even at 43°C. The freezer compartment in the interior is designed so that it can freeze up to 4 icepacks of 0,6L within 24 hours at 32°C ambient temperature - according to WHO requirements - for use in vaccine carriers.


Outside dimensions
H x W x D [mm]
830 x 720 x 980
Shipping dimensions
H x W x D [mm]
950 x 820 x 1015
Shipping weight: [kg] 76
Vaccine storage capacity [L] 2 x 12 = 24
Frozen Ice pack storage capacity [L] 4 x 0,6 = 2,4
Absorption compartment cooling unit with flue baffle
heating element
Aladin 32 burner
kerosene tank
Control panel Situated at the top of the unit
1 electro thermostat
Cooling system absorption cooling unit filled with NH3 for 120 W
Energy consumption 2,46 kWh / 24 h at 32 °C ambient temperature
Gas Consumption -
Kerosene Consumption 0,76 L / 24 h at 32 °C ambient temperture
Insulation 100 mm Polyurethane foam
Foaming agent: Cyclopentane
Ice pack freezing Ice pack freezing with vaccine:
2,4 kg / 24h at 32 °C ambient temperature.
Outer body Rotomoulded with Polyethylene
Lockable lid with 2 catches
Silicon Gasket ensures tight sealing
1 dial thermometer to control the temperature
burner lighting instructions on the lid
Safety distance spacer bar.
Accessories 1 Sprit level
2 water separation walls
2 Aluminium separation walls
1 Aladin 32 burner with glas
1 filling funnel and brush
1 user manual
Hold over during power cut 6,5 h at 32 °C ambient temperature
WHO test procedure E3/PROC/5 and E3/PROC/8
WHO spcifications E3 / RF.2 and E3/RF6
Voltage [V] 230V 50/60Hz

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